Thursday, February 27, 2014

Seven Months

Owen is growing up way too fast for my liking! I can't seem to slow this boy down! He wants to keep up with his older brothers. He doesn't hold still! He started crawling a little and I'm afraid he will be all over before I know it! He loves to sit and watch Madden and Nash play! He jumps constantly. Thank goodness for the jumperoo. He is starting to get very interested in what we are eating. He loves his bottle. He will only drink 4 oz at a time though crazy boy! He loves peas and sweet potatoes. He gags on all the fruit. He is the happiest baby ever! He has the sweetest little smile! He is a little turkey at night though! He was his bottom two teeth and is cutting four more in top! He is just learning how to dance! He is the sweetest little boy! Life wouldn't be the same without him here! Best seven months ever!