Saturday, July 9, 2011

The fourth weekend

We seriously had a blast over the fourth. I don't think we ever slowed down a bit. We spent Saturday at the park in Nephi at the carnival and than headed up the canyon to do some camping with Karsons extended family. We didn't stay the night but came home late. Madden loved it! He loved being able to crawl around and loved all the attention for the cousins! Monday we went on a 4 wheeling ride up to six mile pond to do some fishing with the Jones's. It was quite the trip with Madden in the rain and me being large and in charge but we made it! The way back Madden feel asleep at the beginning of the ride which made the ride ten times easier. Sadly I am still sore from that ride! It was a blast and hopefully Madden will love the 4 wheeler a little bit more next time! After we headed to Uncle Mikes house to have the best seat in town to watch the Fireworks. Madden loved watching the fireworks and just sat there and even feel asleep at the end. We wore the poor kid out but I am pretty sure he had fun on his first fourth of July!

This picture seriously makes me laugh. I was trying to take a picture of Madden and he decided he wanted to taste the lens! So funny.


Nikki and Tipper said...

That last picture is hilarious!!

Lexi Burgess said...

madden is getting so big! It was so fun running into you, i wish you lived closer so it could happen more often! You are the cutest wife, I cant wait see your new addition!