Monday, October 1, 2012

Making the Switch


Nash is still in our room in a pack n play. Yesterday we decided we were just going to do it and put the boys in the same room. We have not made the switch because Madden is an early riser and Nash loves his sleep. We decided to just try the put them in the room together and cry it out method. Nash cried for about a minute and than crashed. Madden hated it. He cried for almost a half hour yelling I no like Nash. He finally crashed and we were excited! Well it only lasted an hour because Madden kept on waking up yelling he no like Nash. I finally had it and brought Nash back to our room. After they both slept great. I'm not sure how to make this transition easier on both the boys. Do I just let them cry it out for a few days or what? I'm afraid Nash will be in our room forever! If anyone has suggestions shoot them our way!