Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finally Looking Like a House!!!

I always heard building a house can be exhausting but I didn't realize how exhausting! Especially being almost nine months pregnant! I think if Karson and I have to make one more decision our heads might explode. In all honestly it has been a fun process and I have mostly enjoyed it. Karson has a knack for the little details and has some really great ideas. It is so much fun to see our house becoming a house. We got our cabinets in on Tuesday and took the boys to go see and Madden said yay we can move in now! I think we are all getting a little anxious and excited. We have had a few set backs but I think that is part of the process. We were at the Orem parade last Saturday when our good friends called and told us our basement was flooding. Not a fun phone call to get. We are just grateful that it happened now instead of when we had carpet. It was also only one room that was ruined so that is a blessing as well. Another set back is our stucco was the wrong color. Stucco just might be the hardest thing that we have had to pick yet! Hopefully we will be moving in a few weeks! CANT WAIT!!!!

The wrong color of stucco.
The right color!


Natasha said...

ooh! Now I need to come back for another tour!