Thursday, August 1, 2013

Owen Jerry Morgan

It took us a week but this little guy finally has a name. We had such a hard time trying to decide between two names. He was either going to be Ozzy or Owen. We would go back and forth and finally decided that he is Owen. It just "fit". We didn't plan it but all of our names are in alphabetical order. We noticed after Nash and decided to keep up with the tradition. An O name was a bit difficult but we are so happy with his name. Come to find out that my great grandpa on my moms side was  Leeland Owen. So it is fun to have a family name. His middle name is after my grandpa Jerry Parduhn. My grandpa is seriously is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He is named after some awesome people. 

Owen is such a good little baby. He is very calm and content. He is such a good sleeper and only gets up once at night to eat. A blessing for sure. He only cries when he is hungry. He is such a sweet little guy. He is loved beyond measure. I am so happy he is here. The boy have not been around him much but they love him and cant get enough. I have been put on bed rest for a while and I have gotten a lot of snuggle time with the little guy. It has been fun to be able to bond with him.


Natasha said...

Oh Linz! He is so great! I am glad he is here...and that he has a name! Take it easy!