Thursday, August 1, 2013

Madden is Three!

I cant believe my boy is three! He was so excited for his birthday. It was basically a week long celebration. We had two separate little parties with each family and he was spoiled rotten. He was so excited for his cake and ice cream. We usually make a fun cake but this year time got away from us so we made pink and blue cupcakes, his choice! He was so excited to help me make them. He told me babe its cupcake making time. He is such a little sweetie. He is such a tender hearted little boy. He is always making sure everyone is happy. He is always looking out for Nash. He is still a mommas boy and I love it. Every night he tells us he is our bestest friend and that he loves us so much. Its my favorite part of the night. He calls me princess and sweetheart. I have no clue where he came up with those. He loves to be outside. He can play for hours with his toys. He loves to ride his strider bike. He loves to draw with chalk and make circles. His new TV obsession is Tom and  Jerry. He is the worst eater ever and would live off "red milk" if we let him. He is so much fun and I love to hang out with him. He makes us smile constantly with his funny personality. Madden George Morgan we are so glad you came to our family! Life would not be the same without him! Happy Birthday buddy!