Friday, July 29, 2011

We like to party!

All my brothers and sisters were in town for the 24th of July! We all stayed up at my parents and had so much fun. I love when we all get together. We spent lots of time swimming in my parents pool, eating, and laughing. 

We turned on the sprinklers for Lexi and Madden to run through. I can't post a picture of Lexi cause she was in the nude but she was loving it! Madden loved it as long as it didn't spray his face!

We went to Thanksgiving Point petting zoo and Madden loved it. He is obsessed with animals at the moment and making animal sounds.

Madden with his Aunt Jami! Everyone was so good and helped out with Madden a lot! He is such a busy boy and my 9 month self gets a bit exhausted after a while!
We love cousins!

They were exhausted after the farm.
While we were up there we decided to do a little party for Madden. (Yes I realize my re-growth is horrible... I apologize!)
Opening presents from many helpful cousins!
My parents gave him this little 4wheeler and he LOVES it! He seriously sits on it for hours and climbs off and on. Definitely a party winner!
Enjoying some cake!

We left a little early on Saturday to go to a Morgan reunion. Karsons Great Grandma is here from California so we got all the Utah people together and had a BBQ! I can't believe I forgot my camera but Connie had hers so I will post pictures from it as soon as I steal them from her! His Grandma will be 98 and you would never know! She seriously is in better health than I am! She gets down and plays with Madden! How cool for Madden to meet his Great Great Grandma! Than on Sunday we had a little party for Madden at Connie and Georges!

Blowing out his candle
I made these little beauties. If you cant tell there Mickey!
Madden enjoyed the Oreos more than the cake.
This picture is horrible of both of us but it makes me laugh. All I can say is like mother like son!
Not to mention he got spoiled rotten, again!
We love spending time with both of our families and are so grateful for them! I don't know where we would be without them!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maddens Day!

Maddens Birthday was sadly on a day where everyone was gone. It was just me and the little tyke all day and I wanted to make it fun for him. We didn't do anything extra ordinary but we did have lots of fun! 

We started off the day by sleeping in! He didn't wake up til 9:30 and it was fabulous!

He than ate his favorite breakfast, french toast and milk! Yum yum!
After breakfast he watched his favorite show, Mickey Mouse, in his diaper non the less!
He took a bath in bubbles. Bubbles are a luxury at our house and he loved it! I think he spent most the time eating the bubbles.
Oh and drinking the bath water!
But he did enjoy his rubber ducky!
After nap time (which was 4 hours long! Sweet!) we headed to Wendys and ate Maddens favorite meal, chicken nuggets!
He got to open some presents!
He played with lots and lots of toys all day long!
Grandma Red came over and played!
Than he enjoyed some Oreos and Cheetos for dinner!
It was a fantastic day! I hope you had a good day little guy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy First Birthday Madden!

One year ago our lives changed for ever. One year ago we welcomed the greatest blessing into our lives. One year ago we learned what love really means.

  Our little man is one today! Happy birthday Madden. We love you more than you will ever know!
Love, Mom and Dad

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Ute Stampede

Our favorite time of the year has come and gone. We soaked up every second we possibly could of the Ute Stampede! We started off Wedsnday night by going down to see all the live stock at the fair grounds. Madden loved seeing all the animals. Than on Thursday we got up and watched the wild horses come down main street. Madden loved it and I am glad I took him even if it was 30 seconds long. That night we went to dinner with Karsons family and some of there friends from Manti. Madden sat the whole time eating a lemon. Crazy boy. Than we headed to the Rodeo. Madden did pretty good given the fact that it was way past his bedtime. He liked watching the animals and especially loved the motorcycles. Friday we hit up the parade and than had a BBQ with some of our good friends. Grandma Red was so kind and asked if she could watch Madden while we went to the Rodeo. It was nice to spend some time just Karson and I and not wrestle a 1 year old! Saturday we hit up the car show and walked around the shops. It was so hot so we got a slurpee. Well I think Madden enjoyed it more than I did. He drank my whole drink! We of course went to the Rodeo for the last night! Madden was a trooper through the whole weekend. He did really good as long as Karson and I were in his sight! I can't wait til next year!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The fourth weekend

We seriously had a blast over the fourth. I don't think we ever slowed down a bit. We spent Saturday at the park in Nephi at the carnival and than headed up the canyon to do some camping with Karsons extended family. We didn't stay the night but came home late. Madden loved it! He loved being able to crawl around and loved all the attention for the cousins! Monday we went on a 4 wheeling ride up to six mile pond to do some fishing with the Jones's. It was quite the trip with Madden in the rain and me being large and in charge but we made it! The way back Madden feel asleep at the beginning of the ride which made the ride ten times easier. Sadly I am still sore from that ride! It was a blast and hopefully Madden will love the 4 wheeler a little bit more next time! After we headed to Uncle Mikes house to have the best seat in town to watch the Fireworks. Madden loved watching the fireworks and just sat there and even feel asleep at the end. We wore the poor kid out but I am pretty sure he had fun on his first fourth of July!

This picture seriously makes me laugh. I was trying to take a picture of Madden and he decided he wanted to taste the lens! So funny.