Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Helping himself to some breakfast.

Madden is the worlds pickiest eater. Meal time is a battle for us. He tells us "I don't yike it" before trying anything. His new thing is telling me he is full. Grr! I swear he thinks that whole milk is the only staple in life he needs. Whenever he finds a food he likes I am beyond happy. This morning while I was getting ready he got the box of cheerios out of the panty and decided to pour himself a bowl, kinda! He sat and ate cheerios off the floor forever. I was beyond happy that he was actually eating food and he thought it was pretty neat to be eating like a dog. Win win. Plus Nash was happy too to be getting in on some snack time! Maybe I just need to get a food and water dish to start getting him to eat!

I had to throw this one in too cause look how stinking cute that face is!