Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boys will be boys

That's what Karson keeps telling me anyways! I agree with him 100% unless its when he is trying to convince me that telling Madden to open up the dresser drawers to climb on top of the dresser is safe. He tried to reassure me by saying boys will be boys Linz. Uh no thank you! I will stick to letting boys be boys by getting dirty and playing in the water which is exactly what they did tonight. We were just squirting off our front porch and the boys decided to play in the water. I think Nash was more like trying to drink the water. Love my crazy boys!


Natasha said...

Love all of your cute pictures at the Fair. Glad you guys had a good time. Your boys are adorable!

Natasha said...

Love love love all your cute pics at the Fair. Glad you guys had fun. Your boys are adorable.