Friday, September 7, 2012

1 and 2 year check-ups

 Weight: 26.6 lbs
Height: 34"

Is obsessed with animals. He loves to be outside. He can count to 10 and to a 100 by 10s. He knows his shapes and colors. Loves to sing songs. Loves to go bye bye and go to the store. He loves his bed. He has turned into a mommas boy even more. Loves Nash. Loves anything trucks or cars. Has the best facial expressions. Loves milk. Eats fruit all day long. His favorite food is a hot dog.

Weight:  22 lbs.
Height: 30"

Is obsessed with anything Mickey Mouse. Is always moving. Doesn't like TV unless its Mickey or music playing. Loves to dance and sing. Is learning new words every day. Is quite the daddys boy. Loves food. The only thing he has not liked is potatoes. Loves Madden. Loves cars and trucks and pushes them around the house all day making vroom vroom noises. His favorite food is raspberries. Is the best sleeper. 

Yes I realize my one year old is going to be about as big as my two year old any minute! It is very nice though because they do share the same size clothes.