Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Battle

About 90 percent of the time the boys are best friends. The other 10 percent of the time not so much. We could hear them fighting and Karson went to play ref and came back laughing and told me to hurry. I grabbed my camera and watched this unfold. We laughed so hard. Aren't we such awesome parents...

Madden knows whats coming.

Giving Nash the stiff arm

Nash breaks through.

Nash takes advantage while Maddens not looking and slips in.

Maddens looking at us like stop him.

Nash has the death grip going on.

Maddens thinking what the heck parents help me out here.

Nash is giving the what did I do look.

Madden gave up the fight.

The end result ended  up in Karson stepping in with matching chairs. 

These two boys are crazy! I am slightly afraid of whats to come with these two battling things out! Good thing they forget and are best friends the next second.