Friday, September 7, 2012

"Brians Tunnel"

Both my boy's are enrolled in a program called early intervention. It is an amazing program that not only has helped both my boys but has helped me be a better mom. It is safe to say that it has changed our lives in more ways than one. I am so grateful for this program. Madden's OT name is Brian. Madden gets anxiety and over stimulated very easy. He tries to take Madden out of his comfort zone every time he is here. He has this long tunnel that the boys love playing with. Once he puts a cloth tunnel over it Madden wants nothing to do with it. He says it is scary and wont even go by it. Seriously its been six months and he has been through it once. Nash on the other hand loves it. Brian left if at our house for a week to see if we could get Madden to figure out that it isn't scary that it is just the same tunnel he loves to go through just with fabric over it. Well we have had it over a week and nothing has changed. He will not go through it for anything, even his beloved monkey. The boys have loved playing with the tunnel though. I think they will be sad when Brian comes to get it.


Jessie said...

What a fun tunnel :) They are such cute boys. Thanks again for dinner the other kids LOVED that "purple juice" and those bread bowls were amazing! We really do need to get together for a little play date. Maybe this week??