Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Swim Lessons

My moms neighbor teaches swim lessons in their pool. They worked it out that he could use the pool if he taught all the grand kids swim lessons. It was fun seeing him get Madden to do things he usually won't do. Madden hates doing under water and hates getting water in his eyes but his teacher got him to do it! I didn't put Nash in thinking he was to little and wouldn't pay attention so we sat and watched from the side. We swam later that day and Nash was doing everything Madden was taught that day. He would jump in put his head under water and blow bubbles. He was doing better than madden! I am so glad both my boys love the water! I hope they learn to swim better than me and won't have to plug their noses every time they jump in!!!

Weekend with Cousins

My sister and her husband along with Karson ran the Ragnar last weekend and so we decided to go stay at my moms so all the kids could play together. It was quite a fun and crazy weekend. I don't think we ever stopped Then whole weekend. My boys had an absolute blast. Madden did not want to leave my moms and cried the whole ride home. He loves to be with his cousins! We wished they lived closer! 

Rainbow Ice Cream

Madden has been a nightmare to try to potty train. He sobs when I try to put him in underwear. He wants to wear diapers for the rest of his little life. He says all the big boys wear diapers. I keep telling him its only for babies but he tries to convince me otherwise. A few days ago he told me not once but three times he has to use the bathroom and he did it! We decided it was worth a celebration and he FINALLY got his rainbow ice cream. He asks to go get one everyday! When he was picking out a flavor he saw that they also had cotton candy and he was so torn. We told him he could get both flavors and he was so hilarious. He kept saying I can! This is so awesome! Hopefully it will help encourage him to go more. Potty training will be the death of me with this child. Any tips would be appreciated! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finally Looking Like a House!!!

I always heard building a house can be exhausting but I didn't realize how exhausting! Especially being almost nine months pregnant! I think if Karson and I have to make one more decision our heads might explode. In all honestly it has been a fun process and I have mostly enjoyed it. Karson has a knack for the little details and has some really great ideas. It is so much fun to see our house becoming a house. We got our cabinets in on Tuesday and took the boys to go see and Madden said yay we can move in now! I think we are all getting a little anxious and excited. We have had a few set backs but I think that is part of the process. We were at the Orem parade last Saturday when our good friends called and told us our basement was flooding. Not a fun phone call to get. We are just grateful that it happened now instead of when we had carpet. It was also only one room that was ruined so that is a blessing as well. Another set back is our stucco was the wrong color. Stucco just might be the hardest thing that we have had to pick yet! Hopefully we will be moving in a few weeks! CANT WAIT!!!!

The wrong color of stucco.
The right color!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Parduhn Family Reunion

My Grandpa Parduhn has an awesome house down by Sand Hollow and has an annual family reunion there each year. We seriously get so excited for this reunion every year. It is so much fun. We usually spend our days at the pool and at the Lake. We also do a clay pigeon shooting competition and Karson was the winner this year! My dad recently purchased some new wave runners and we had a blast on those. Madden especially loved them and wanted to go faster faster! I am so thankful to be part of such an awesome family. Thanks gramps for such an awesome week! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Two Little Buddies

I love these little guys. They have been serious momma boys lately and sometimes (okay a lot) of the time I get frustrated because once in a while Id love to use the bathroom without these two accompanying me. I think they must know that life is going to change with the new baby coming. Lately they want me to sleep in their bed with them. The other night I gave in and as they were sleeping I couldn't help but feel so blessed to be their mom. It is not the easiest job in the world but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Heavenly Father sure knew what he was doing when he sent these two little guys to our family.  I have to remind myself that they wont always want to do EVERYTHING with me. They wont always want to cuddle with me and give me smoochie kisses.  I need to enjoy the little moments with them because it is going by way too fast. I love them, more than anything.  

Nashs First Black Eye

Nash got his first shiner this week. He and Madden were running around planning tag when we heard a big smack. Nash ran into the corner of the fridge. This little boy is a clumsy one. He is running into things all the dang time. I am surprised he hasn't had more. He loves to show people his ouchy. He is a pretty tough little guy!


Operation potty train has been going on for what seems like months with no success. Madden doesn't care and begs to be put into diapers. Karson's Uncle came into town and bought the boys some undies in hopes that it would get them excited to start trying again. I let them play with the package and looked back to see both the boys trying them on laughing hysterically at each other. If only they thought it was that cool to wear them ALL the time! I fear we will be having three in diapers! Wish us luck because I am going to try again next week. Seriously potty training is the WORST!

House Progress

Our house is starting to look like a house more and more every day! It makes me so excited but also give me so much anxiety! Karson said that our contractor told him if everything goes as planned than we will be in our house in a month! That is IF everything goes good! I am still being very optimistic that we will be in before this little babe gets here. I would love to have everything unpacked and put away before his or her arrival. It is so much fun to go up and check out the progress every day. The little boys love going and ask all the time if we can go to our new house! Before we know it we will be in!!