Friday, August 3, 2012

11 months

 I am not sure how it happened but this little guy will be 1 next month! I can't believe how much he is growing up. He is getting quite the little personality. He is starting to copy cat everything we do! He isn't much of a TV watcher but will watch a little bit of Mickey Mouse. He loves food and is a garbage disposal. Loves water. His favorite toys are trucks. He wants to play with Madden all day long. He has still 4 teeth with 2 about to break through any day. He loves to shake his booty. He can say thank you, please, more, Ma Ma, Da Da, Madden, Bampa, hey, bye, and stop. He tries to mimic words all day long. He loves to sing. He has been a monster sleeper but makes up for it by sleeping in til 11 than taking a 4 hour nap. He loves his momma. He is seriously such a happy boy. Love you Nashers!