Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nash is one!

He is officially one! Seriously where does the time go?!? I feel like I can do anything after this past year! Luckily Nash has been the best baby you could ask for. He is the sweetest little guy. He is always smiling and always happy. He is just content. The only time he gets angry is when you change his diaper. He is the best sleeper ever! He goes to bed at about 7 and will sleep until about 11 the next day. Yes you read that right! He loves his sleep. It is nice because it makes it so his nap is at the same time as Maddens so I can have a little me time! He LOVES to eat. Holy cow can he eat. He is saying new words every day. He is and always has been a mommas boy but he sure loves his daddy too. Madden is his best friend. He has a little dog that he loves. He is a binky boy but we are taking it away this weekend.  He loves cars and pushes them all over the house. He loves to jump on the tramp. He keeps us smiling all day long. Nash we are so happy you came when you did! You were the best surprise ever! Happy birthday little man!

We had a fun day. I had to wake him up at 11:30 so we could meet some friends at the park for a picnic. He was all smiles when I woke him up. I think he knew that it was his special day!

Madden giving him birthday kisses!

I love this picture. Madden is saying that its Nash's birthday here!

We stopped at Burger King and got Nash's favorite meal, chicken nuggets for lunch! Than we headed to Levan park and had an awesome time with friends.

One of Nash's favorite things to do is swing. I am pretty sure he would of sat here all day if I let him.
He was giggling he was so happy!
Nothing like swinging with your best friend on your birthday.

After the park we went and visited Dad at the hospital. Than came home took naps. Soon as Kars got home from work Nash (more like Madden) opened up some presents. Madden has struggled today thinking it was his birthday not Nash's. He in fact had a few melt downs. Luckily Nash didn't mind the help!

We are having a birthday party for Nash with family on Sunday so the party continues! Love you Nasher bug. Happy birthday big guy!


Natasha said...

Yay! Happy birthday Super Nash! (my kids are still talking about the cape...) I can't believe it has already been a year since he was born!