Sunday, August 12, 2012

New front porch!

Our house is old. Like built in the 1890's old! It has seen a few remodels and had a few upgrades over the years but still needed a TON of work when we bought it. It still needs some work but little by little we are getting there. This summer we wanted to tackle the outside. We finally got a yard in and wanted to widen our driveway and get new steps up to our front door. Our good friend Devin finally made it happen and it looks wonderful!

This is the before picture. I couldn't find a closer one of the front porch but if you look closely you will be able to compare the difference.  This before picture makes me cringe to see how bad our yard was.

 The after. SO much better.

The add on to the driveway. 
Madden was mad at me cause we had just got done telling him not to go into the road and than I went out there to take a picture. Ha ha.